8 Signs Assisted Living Might Be the Right Choice for You or Your Loved One

It’s easy to overlook signs of decline in older adults, so ask yourself the following questions to help you determine if your parent or loved one is ready for assisted living:

1. Is your loved one covering up bruises from falling that he or she doesn’t want you to see?
Most assisted living centers have alerting systems, so if residents have emergencies in their own apartments, they can summon help. Also, staff is available 24/7 to assist with bathing, dressing, eating, and transferring therefore limiting chances of falls. DeSoto Palms also offers onsite physical, occupational and speech therapy to help promote independence and decrease the likelihood of falls.

2. Has your loved one lost significant lifelong friends or do they have health problems that prohibit them from socializing?
When not actively used, social skills can decline, causing anxiety when elders do go out among people. Depression can set in, furthering their reluctance to be socially active. In assisted living, even those who swore they’d hate it often find, once they adjust, that they again enjoy the company of peers. They play cards, listen to music, exercise, have snacks, go to community events and have people come in to entertain them.

3. Is your loved one telling you that he is eating, but you’re seeing food go bad in the refrigerator?
Elders home alone often warm up something in the microwave or on the stove rather than preparing a nourishing meal. They then may eat in front of the TV for company. At DeSoto Palms all meals are provided and we offer many choices of food. But the biggest plus may be that people have company for their meals in our beautifully decorated dining rooms.

4. Is your loved one able to take medications correctly?
If you notice your parent is skipping their medications, forgetting to take them or taking too many then your loved one may need assistance with their medications. At DeSoto Palms trained staff can assist your loved one and help to oversee that their medications are taken correctly according to their physician orders.

5. Have you seen your loved one wearing the same clothes when you go to visit?
If you’ve noticed your loved one wearing the same clothes over and over or if they are wearing their clothes and then hanging them back up unwashed this is a sign that their short term memory may be impaired. DeSoto Palms can provide assistance in dressing and undressing and assistance with washing personal laundry.

6. When you look around the house or yard, is it as neat and clean as it used to be?
DeSoto Palms is a month to month rental that includes all utilities including wifi, 3 chef prepared meals daily, scheduled transportation, and weekly housekeeping and towel and linen service. On-site maintenance and housekeeping service included in monthly rent.

7. Does your loved one hear strange noises in the night?
DeSoto Palms is set up to provide a safe, comfortable environment for elders. With secured entrances and a concierge service seniors aren’t vulnerable to attack or burglary as they may be if they stay alone in their home. Also, DeSoto Palms has alerting systems so if residents have emergencies in their own apartments or rooms, they can summon help.

8. Is your loved one able to drive on their own or are they confined to their house?
DeSoto Palms provides group transportation for shopping and to community events. Also, DeSoto Palms can help arrange transportation for doctors’ appointments on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

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If you answered yes to even a couple of these questions, your parent or loved one may be ready for an assisted living facility. Assisted Living Communities offer many services to help provide independence. Call DeSoto Palms today (941) 355-0303 to learn more about how Assisted Living can benefit you or your loved one.

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