Your parents or grandparents are getting older and are struggling to take care of themselves at home. They’re interested in a nursing home service to help expand their independence and minimize personal issues. Before hiring these individuals to come and help your family members, it is important to understand a few factors.

1. Service Methods Provided

What kind of nursing home services does a facility provide? If you’re unsure, it is important to talk to them about what your loved one can expect. It’s not unusual for some centers to provide specific care coverage options that may vary depending on a facility and its abilities.

Some nursing homes may provide at-home care that lets your loved ones stay at their house for as long as possible. Others may set up various fun and engaging entertainment services, including daily trips, that help to keep your family members engaged and happy.

2. Long-Term Service Options

Our sources report that there’s now a 70% chance that people over 65 will need long-term care late in their life. Ensure that you address this concern by talking with your nursing home specialists. Doing so can help make sure that you set up the proper care for your loved ones.

For example, you may set up effective diabetes care for your parents or grandparents’ diabetic care. This may include creating healthy meals, testing their sugar, injecting them with insulin, etc. They can also help with weight management and other potential long-term concerns.

3. Payment Accepted

Make sure that you talk to a nursing home service about their payment options before hiring any. Some will take various types of cash, checks, and credit cards that you can use to pay. If you can’t afford any of these payment options, talk about the potential insurance types they accept.

Nursing homes typically accept many types of Medicaid and Medicare, depending on your loved one’s needs. They may also accept your health insurance if your loved one is covered with it as a dependent. For example, you may take full-time care of them and put them on your insurance to protect them.

These are just three of the most important questions to ask before calling a nursing home service for your loved ones. You also need to figure out what kind of transition services that they can provide, including services for moving into a nursing home full-time if at-home care isn’t effective.