Older adults who require personalized care and help with everyday tasks are moved to a facility that has assisted living services. Moving your loved one to an assisted living facility can be overwhelming and difficult, but the advantages are convincing. Read below for four great benefits of assisted living.

No More Dullness

Almost 70% of those over 65 are now likely to require some type of long-term care, according to Etactics. Seniors have a lot of free time, which can be hard to fill up. Part of the assisted living services includes various activities that are designed to promote social interaction. These activities can be art and craft, music classes, card, and board games, movie nights, and gardening. Regular interaction with others of similar ages prevents loneliness and isolation.

Personalized Assistance

Certain daily tasks can be overwhelming for a senior. Personalized care such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and ensuring medication is taken is all part of the assisted living services package. Proper hygiene is maintained as well. The caregivers are professional, ensuring that dignity and some level of independence are maintained.

Security and Safety

With assisted living, you no longer have to worry about leaving your elderly parents or loved ones alone at home. Assisted living facilities have safety features such as shower rails, raised toilets, proper lighting, video surveillance, and emergency call buttons. These facilities are designed to minimize the risk of falling and they have help on-site if there is a medical emergency. Moving your loved one to an assisted living facility will give you both peace of mind. Knowing that they are in good hands will ease your worries. The senior will also be in the company of others with similar needs.


Assisted living services provide nutritious meals prepared with fresh ingredients. There are options to choose from and menus are rotated to provide a wider variety of meals. If a senior is living alone, it may be tedious to cook just for one person and hard to shop for food regularly. Living in such facilities ensures your loved one is eating healthy meals in the company of others.

Choose assisted living services providers with trained staff and excellent facilities to provide the best personal care for your loved one. The advantages of assisted living services will give you and your loved one(s) reassurance, peace of mind, and a more fulfilled life. Contact us at Desoto Palms for more information on how we can help your loved one.