Closeup of a happy senior woman drinking tea

When it comes time to select an assisted living facility for your family members, the choice can be tough. However, there are five questions that you should always ask to ensure that you find the best possible place for your loved one.

1. What Types Of Apartments Do You Have Available?

Many assisted living facilities offer different kinds of apartments, and some can have longer waitlists than others. Private apartments tend to have the longest waits, for instance, while others may have only a limited number available for Medicaid residents. Consider if you are able to wait for an apartment to become available or if your loved one is willing to potentially share a buddy suite with another resident, which may shorten the wait.

2. What Services Are Included?

Another question you should ask is about the services included in the cost. For instance, utilities, internet, and cable may be covered, but additional services may require extra money. For example, housekeeping may not be covered under rent, and meal plans may need to be purchased in some assisted living facilities if the resident isn’t going to be preparing their own meals. You should consider if your loved one has any impairments that make housekeeping or cooking more difficult. According to USNews, 20% of residents in assisted living facilities have no impairment and more than one-third have only mild cognitive impairments that can make some things more difficult. Finding out about these specific services can help you avoid any surprises in the future.

3. Do You Offer Transportation or Activities?

You should also ask if the assisted living facility offers transportation services. Some will offer transport to stores, bands, or certain doctor’s offices, while others may use transportation vouchers when your loved one needs to go somewhere not on the usual route. If your loved one still drives, you should make sure there is a safe place for them to park.

As for activities, you want to make sure that bingo isn’t the only thing being offered. Boredom is a serious problem and it can lead to many seniors feeling unfulfilled or lonely. Be sure that there is a variety of activities offered, and that your loved one will have a wide range of things to keep them social and active.

4. Which Hospital Do You Use For Emergency?

If you have multiple hospitals in your area, you’ll want to check and see which one the assisted living facility uses. This will give you an idea of whether or not their proffered doctor has access there and it can also let you know where to go if an emergency does happen.

5. When Can I Visit?

The best assisted living facility will never object to you coming in to visit your loved one, and there should always be full transparency every step of the way. You should be able to visit at any time — within reason — so that you can get a feel for the atmosphere, the other residents, and the comfort level that is provided.

These five questions should always be asked when looking for the right assisted living facility for your loved one. While there are many others, these five are some of the most important and can help ensure that your loved one is satisfied, cared for, and comfortable.