The US census bureau estimates that the American population will continue to become much older, with one in five US residents being 65+ by 2042. Demand for senior living care facilities will increase as 70% of older adults turning 65 currently will require some form of long-term care in their lifetime.

As a primary caregiver, it is important to anticipate changes that indicate that you no longer have the capacity to effectively meet the needs of your loved one. Waiting till your senior’s health declines or has an emergency can be a distressing and pressure-packed experience. Rushing the move to an assisted living facility may be laden with costly errors.

Here are five signs that show your loved one needs assisted senior living care.

1. Unhygienic Conditions in the Home

You may note the rising pile of laundry and the dishes filling up the sink every time you visit. Or perhaps the unkempt hair and grooming. Aging adults may view some of the personal hygiene tasks and housework as tiring or unsafe, avoiding them altogether.

Opting for assisted living facilities in Sarasota, FL, can help eliminate the stress of home keeping. You can have peace of mind that your loved one is in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

2. Unexplained Bruises and Burns

Safety is a key concern for most caregivers. If your loved one has unexplained injuries while alone or had a recent admission to the emergency room, it may be time to consider senior living. As your parent ages, the likelihood of these incidents may increase.

Assisted living facilities can allocate a caregiver to manage your loved one’s movement and safety. With five-star meals provided in a dining area, you do not have to worry about your mom forgetting to turn off the gas on the stove.

3. Difficulties in Movement

Your loved one may have trouble moving around, requiring help to move up or down the stairs. You may also note that they have lost the knack to drive around safely. Moving to an assisted living facility in Sarasota, FL, may provide a safe transportation option for your parent to attend their doctor’s appointments. Your parent can remain mobile without any risk of accidents occurring.

4. Drastic Weight Changes

Significant weight loss or weight gain is a huge red flag. It indicates that your loved one is not getting the proper nutrition required to keep them healthy. It may also be a sign of a worsening health condition. Moving your parent to a senior living facility will allow them to get three meals a day, with a diet plan designed by the resident dietician or nutritionist.

5. Worsening Health Conditions

80% of older adults above 65 have at least one chronic disease, with 68% having two or more. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, heart disease, and other chronic illness can all cause a gradual decline, with your parent requiring specialized care. A move to an assisted living home can help ease the transition to the different levels of care.

Time to Get a Reputable Senior Living Facility

Talking about a move to a center for assisted living Sarasota FL can be stressful and uncomfortable for most families. However, you may need to note the glaring signs that indicate you can no longer provide the level of care your loved one needs at home. To discuss your senior’s needs for assisted living, contact DeSoto Palms.