The terms “assisted living” and “nursing home” are often used interchangeably. Yet the two living options mean different things. Assisted living senior communities are very popular, over 800,000 Americans live in assisted living senior communities, according to the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living. Still, both assisted living and nursing homes have pros and cons. Here are four questions to help you choose the right fit.

1. How Much Daily Assistance Do You Need?

Both senior community options offer assistance to seniors for whom living alone is no longer safe. Assisted living is the right fit if you or your loved one can manage activities of daily living like bathing, eating, and dressing, but need assistance in remembering medicine or moving around. A nursing home is a right fit if your loved one requires assistance with the activities of daily living.

2. How Much Medical Attention Do You Require?

If you or your loved one requires round-the-clock medical assistance, a nursing home would be the better fit. Nursing homes have well-trained staff who assist residents and manage chronic illnesses. To be precise, nursing homes provide full-time monitoring and medical assistance.

Assisted living is the better fit if you or your loved one is in fairly good health. The staff are highly skilled but not necessarily health professionals. However, you have access to emergency medical response and individualized attention. Some facilities will offer transportation to medical facilities.

3. Can You Cook or Would Prepared Meals be a Better Fit?

The living space design in assisted living allows residents to make their meals if they wish. However, some assisted living facilities to have dining options for their senior communities. Nursing homes have their meals prepared by dietitians to meet the needs of residents.

4. What Type of Payment Options Do You Have?

Nursing homes typically cost more than assisted living. According to the American Healthcare Association, the cost of a nursing home is almost double that of assisted living. However, the added cost means more value. In a nursing home, you’ll get round-the-clock help with medical needs, daily life activities, and even feeding.

Making informed decisions often requires weighing between two good options. If you’re looking for a suitable senior community, we could assist you in picking the right fit. Contact us to receive personalized advice.