Selena was first recognized for her excellence while she was only in elementary school, earning the Take Stock in Children college scholarship. She was required to maintain Honor Roll status throughout her education while also volunteering in the community. Being inspired by her mother who has been the sole caregiver for Selena’s older sister who was born with a severe disability, Selena knew she wanted to pursue a career in caring for others with a hands-on approach.

While still in high school, she earned her C.N.A. and volunteered at a local skilled nursing facility. She was able to paint the residents’ nails and assist with cleaning dentures, and it was those small tasks where she felt the most appreciated. “Their happiness made me happy,” Selena said, remembering her first experience serving seniors.

Since high school, Selena has been actively chasing her goals. She enrolled in the State College of Florida to work toward her associate degree. While still taking college courses full-time, Selena joined the DeSoto Palms team in March 2018. She says that both the nurses and the residents are a great encouragement as she continues toward earning her RN within the next two years.

By striving to become a Registered Nurse and working full-time, Selena says she must remind herself that it’s an investment in her future, and she will benefit from the many sacrifices she is making currently. “It’s only temporary,” she said, looking toward her future.