It can be incredibly difficult to watch your loved one adjust to a world in which they are less mobile, or perhaps less lucid than they once were. Yet for many senior citizens, this is a reality. While living with these challenges is difficult for everyone, there is an additional layer of difficulty for those who previously did not suffer from such impairments. This is because they are used to certain routines and daily activities. Being unable to execute these activities can be quite devastating.

This is one reason why many Americans are considering assisted living facilities for their loved ones. If you don’t know much about assisted living facilities, you may be uncertain, or even worried about them. But the reality is that these facilities are not meant to symbolize the end of something for your loved one, but rather the beginning of a new future in which they can live as they want to.

How Can An Assisted Living Facility Help My Loved One With Daily Activities?

Some have the idea that an assisted living facility is meant for people who are entirely confined to their beds, unable to do anything for themselves. This is not necessarily the case. Employees in assisted living facilities can help people with a wide range of functionality. Some people in assisted living facilities are fairly low functioning and need more assistance. Others can live fairly independently; they just need a bit of help with some daily tasks.

It’s been estimated that about 40% of people residing in assisted living facilities receive help with three or more daily tasks. This can be remarkably empowering for them. For example, if your mobility keeps you from cooking entirely for yourself, an assisted living facility can ensure that you’re able to cook, just with a bit of help.

Is An Assisted Living Facility For Senior Citizens Only?

Assisted living facilities can help many people. While some focus more on assisting seniors, others offer a broader range of services. People with physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities can benefit from them. Having your loved one stay at an assisted living facility is not meant to be a bad thing but a helpful step.

Tour an assisted living facility like ours! You may be surprised by how much it can do for your loved one in the long term.