elderly couple with hands in air, celebrating


As September approaches, so does a significant event that holds great importance in the realm of senior care – National Assisted Living Week (NALW). This year, from September 10th to September 16th, 2023, we have the opportunity to join hands and celebrate the incredible contributions of assisted living communities nationwide, including DeSoto Palms Assisted Living.

A Time to Celebrate and Reflect

National Assisted Living Week is not just a week; it’s a vibrant celebration of the essence of assisted living. It’s a time when we come together to honor the communities, the residents, the staff, and the families who create a nurturing and vibrant environment for our seniors. It’s a moment to reflect on the profound impact these communities have on the lives of countless individuals.

This Year’s Theme: “Season of Reflection”

Every year, National Assisted Living Week (NALW) embraces a distinct theme, offering a central focus for the festivities. In 2023, the chosen theme, “Season of Reflection,” holds a special place in our hearts. It serves as a reminder to pause and contemplate the profound significance of assisted living communities like DeSoto Palms. This theme encourages us to look inward and appreciate the moments of introspection, highlighting the role these communities play in nurturing meaningful connections and a profound sense of belonging among their residents.

Why Community Matters

Community plays an essential role in the well-being of seniors. It provides a support system that helps combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. Assisted living communities are designed with this in mind, offering not just care but companionship, engagement, and a sense of purpose.

At DeSoto Palms Assisted Living, we believe in creating a community where residents can thrive. Our commitment to providing personalized care plans, engaging activities, and a warm, welcoming environment is a testament to this belief. During National Assisted Living Week, we are thrilled to showcase the vibrant community that exists within our walls.

Connecting Generations

One of the beautiful aspects of assisted living communities is the intergenerational connections that are forged. Whether through visits from local schools, partnerships with community organizations, or simply through the friendships formed among residents of different ages, these communities are living examples of how people from different walks of life can come together and learn from one another.

Family Involvement

Families are an integral part of the assisted living journey. During National Assisted Living Week, we encourage families to get involved, share stories, and participate in the celebrations. It’s a time to appreciate the support that families provide and to acknowledge the trust they place in the care provided by these communities.


National Assisted Living Week is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the remarkable communities that provide care, support, and a sense of belonging to our seniors. At DeSoto Palms Assisted Living, we are proud to be a part of this vibrant tapestry, and we look forward to sharing the celebrations with our residents, their families, and the wider community. Together, we can embrace the theme of “Community and Connection” and create an environment where seniors can truly thrive.