Moving to an assisted living facility is a major transition, and understandably a lot of people have significant concerns about doing so. Additionally, it’s okay if you as the loved one of someone moving to an assisted living facility have individual concerns. An assisted living facility can mark the beginning of a greater transition for a person. Typically, according to Saint Simeon’s, an individual’s stay at an assisted living facility will be an average of 22 months. After that point, they often move to a nursing home, where people receive a higher level of care. But no matter where they are, you will of course want to ensure that your loved one is comfortable. So, how can you help someone thrive in an assisted living facility?

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1. Do Your Research

Perhaps you will have an active role in deciding which assisted living facility your loved one chooses. Maybe you’ll be a sounding board for them as they make the final decision. Either way, do your research before anyone commits to a specific facility. The last thing you want is to have your loved one in a facility that neither one of you is fully comfortable with.

2. Stay In Contact

One of the main reasons why people hesitate over moving into assisted living facilities, even when it’s best for them, is that they’re worried that they’ll be forgotten by their loved ones. You can help assuage these concerns by staying in close contact with your loved ones as they move to the facility. Most facilities facilitate communication between residents and their loved ones. However, you must take an active role as well. Even if you can’t physically visit as often as you’d like, you can stay in touch through video conferencing technology, phones, and more.

3. Get To Know Staffers

Once your loved one is in an assisted living facility, you won’t be the primary person caring for them anymore. With that in mind, you should do everything you can to get in touch with the staffers who will be caring for them primarily. Having a rapport with them will make it easier for you to ensure that your loved one is as safe as possible.

Going to an assisted living facility is intimidating. But it’s something that you can make easier on your loved one by helping them through the process.