Choosing to relocate an elderly family member into an assisted living facility is difficult. However, it is often unavoidable because taking care of an elderly person can be challenging for many people, particularly when their cognitive and functional abilities become an issue. The best course of action is to look into assisted living facilities.

Is there a way to acquire that assistance while maintaining as much of one’s independence as possible? Yes, and the following are the different ways assisted living facilities can help your elderly loved ones.

1. Social Engagement Activities

As people get older, they often have fewer opportunities to engage in social activities and may experience feelings of isolation. This can result in depression and increased difficulty with physical and mental tasks. A significant number of assisted living facilities emphasize active social participation and provide a wide range of activities to choose from for the seniors.

2. Medication Management

As one gets older, it can be challenging to adhere to the prescribed medication dosage. Some people may forget to take their medication, while others will accidentally overdose on it. The management of medical issues is one of the services provided by assisted living facilities.

3. Assisted Daily Living (ADL)

According to CDC, in 2010, almost 40% of residents living in assisted living facilities received assistance with three or more activities in daily living. More than 40% of the patients had Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

These findings point to a susceptible population with a disproportionately high progressive cognitive disorder burden. The majority of older people who move into assisted living do so because they require assistance with daily life activities (ADLs).

4. Round The Clock Care

These facilities have staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring everyone is comfortable, safe, and loved. The daily activities that assisted living facilities offer their residents the most frequently include bathing, transferring in and out of bed, dressing, eating, personal grooming, using the restroom, and walking.

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