Helping your loved one move to a nursing home can be hard, but it’s often necessary for their health and safety. As your family member makes this important change, know that they’re not alone — according to the American Health Care Association, over 800,000 Americans are currently living in assisted living facilities. Choosing a suitable facility for your aging loved one will guarantee that they are well taken care of and give you peace of mind. These tips will help you find the perfect new home for your loved one.


Assisted living facilities come in all shapes and sizes. Which size is best for your loved one depends on their needs. A resident who can get out of bed often will probably prefer a facility that gives them the space they need to enjoy life more independently. However, a resident who’s on bed rest probably won’t need a large facility. Always consider what your loved one needs, and then determine whether they would benefit from a large assisted living facility or a smaller, more close-knit community.


Always read reviews about nursing homes before reaching a decision. Reviews stating that nurses stole medication or residents weren’t treated nicely should always be taken seriously. If you’re concerned about a negative review for a facility, ask the nursing home about the allegations and whether the staff member mentioned in the review is still employed at the facility.


The best way to decide how you feel about a nursing home is to take a tour. As you tour nursing homes, ask about the activities that are offered for residents. If you get the chance, take the time to speak with nurses and other staff, such as housekeeping. Ask about services your loved one may be interested in, like a beauty salon.


Before helping your loved one transition to a nursing home, it’s critical to discuss the financial and legal aspects of this change. Will medical insurance cover their stay at the nursing home? Will the resident owe the nursing home money for services? These are important things to consider and discuss with your loved one.

Helping your loved one choose the facility that’s right for them can be difficult. It’s always essential to research, take a tour, and speak with the staff at any nursing home that you’re considering. As you search for an assisted living facility for your loved one, consider DeSoto Palms. With personalized care and plenty of opportunities for entertainment, we provide seniors with the rich quality of life they deserve.