According to recent surveys of elder care facilities, it has been shown that nearly 40% of assisted living residents received assistance with three or more basic living services and self-care activities every day. From getting dressed to showering to medical care, there are many ways a senior living community center can help an aging loved one maintain the highest possible quality of life.

Medical Care and Attention

Many senior care facilities have on-site nurses to help take care of residents. Some even have full-time doctors on staff or on call to ensure medical concerns are addressed quickly. These staff members and medical experts can help ensure your loved one is taking their medications correctly every day. They can also provide services such as routine check-ups and help with minor illnesses and health concerns.

Physical Needs Are Met

Long-term care centers often provide physical stimulation and support for residents as well. Some offer pool and water-based exercises and therapy classes. There may be group sessions for yoga and basic workouts to help your loved one stay fit and active. You can even likely find a senior living community center that provides individualized therapy and physical training assistance.

Social Connections Maintained

Many senior care centers and facilities also fill an important void in residents’ lives and can provide social interactions and stimulation. Group activities and events can help residents get together and spend time with other people to keep them from feeling so isolated. When it is possible, many senior care facilities also offer outings, shopping trips, and other events outside for residents to enjoy at times.

Sense of Independence Kept

There are various levels of care available when it comes to finding a senior living community for your loved one. Some offer basic assistance and simply offer additional services to keep your loved one safe. Others provide more focused and constant care if it is needed. Finding the right level of care and assistance can help your loved ones maintain their sense of independence and allow them some freedom.

When you are faced with the difficult choice of finding a place for an aging parent or loved one, it can be a challenge to determine what is best for them and the family. Finding a local senior living community can help make the transition easier for everyone involved. The skilled and experienced team and the tailored services available can help give you and your loved one the peace of mind you have been looking for.