There are many common misconceptions about residing in a senior living community. First and foremost, many people believe that everyone at a senior living community is there because they need to be — not because they want to be. This is not an accurate way of looking at things. According to U.S. News, about 20% of residents at assisted living facilities are not impaired in any way, and about 38.7% have no cognitive impairment. Many seniors choose to live at a senior living community because it’s an enriching experience for them. To help make life even more fun for these seniors, here are five things family members can do when they visit their loved ones.

1. Attend Social Gatherings

Many senior living communities have rich social programs. When you visit your loved one, you can participate in the fun with them. Whether you enjoy an evening of bingo or an ice cream social, you’re sure to have a good time getting involved in your loved one’s community. This is a great opportunity to see how much fun residents have in their day-to-day lives.

2. Use the Gym and Other Facilities

Many senior living communities have a dedicated gym; some even have complete spa facilities. These facilities are often open to visitors as well as residents, meaning that you and your loved one can enjoy them together. This can provide a lot of fun and a wonderful bonding experience.

3. Come to Dinner

Most senior living communities have a dining facility with plenty of nutritious meals on the menu. Don’t hesitate to join your loved one for dinner if the facility allows it. Gathering around the table with delicious food is always a great way to spend time together. As a bonus, you can enjoy an evening of not needing to cook anything yourself.

4. Take a Tour

When you visit your loved one, take a walk around the community to learn more about the place they live. A tour of the community can be a great way to spend time together. For added fun, be sure to check out any amenities like swimming pools or beauty salons. If any of these amenities catch your eye, you can enjoy them together with your loved one.

5. Schedule Some Time Off Property

While a senior living community can provide a lot of enrichment for its residents, a change of scenery can be nice every now and again. Consider taking your loved one to other fun locations in your area, such as restaurants, museums, or shopping malls.

Senior living communities can provide a rich quality of life for seniors. If someone you love is ready to move to a senior living community that’s full of fun and excitement, DeSoto Palms Assisted Living may be the perfect place for them. With devoted, caring staff and plenty of entertaining activities, DeSoto Palms can help your loved one enjoy their senior years to the fullest.