For many older people, moving into assisted living can be overwhelming. They associate senior living communities with ‘drab’ nursing homes. However, the assumption about assisted living and nursing homes are incorrect. Most assisted living facilities are designed with community in mind and a fun-filled aura to make senior citizens forget their troubles. It isn’t surprising that assisted living facilities are home to thousands of senior citizens. According to the American Health Care Association, 800,000 elderly people in the US reside in assisted homes. Continue reading to get a general idea of what to anticipate in assisted living facilities.


Assisted Living Feels Like Home


The majority of Americans over 65 years live alone. Seniors who live alone frequently experience emotions of isolation, loneliness, and a lack of consistent companionship. Assisted homes create a being-at-home feeling for them. Specialists define home as a place to feel safe, at ease, and at peace. It’s also somewhere you can be yourself.


Seniors who reside in senior living communities get a sense of community, social purpose, and a feeling of belonging. Being close to someone who can relate to, understand, and even laugh at shared problems helps older people maintain their optimism. Moreover, they can always gather for conversations and partake in many other activities together.


Assisted Living Homes Are Price Friendly


Many seniors think assisted homes are too expensive, but this can only be a misguided misconception. Some facilities charge relatively affordable fees considering the type of care you receive.


The daily charge for each senior in senior living communities will vary depending on the type of care they need. Financial support is available, including subsidies from agencies like the Veterans Administration and Medicaid. You might also reduce the cost of elder care with the help of long-term care and life insurance.


Assisted Homes Are Not Dreaded Nursing Homes


Contrary to popular belief, moving into assisted living does not entail spending much time near sick people or living in a hospital. Instead, it allows seniors to stay active and independent while obtaining the amount of integrated healthcare they need. Assisted homes provide a calm home setting resembling more of a bed and breakfast than a hospital.


Now you realize that people’s common myths about senior living communities are untrue. These facilities are far from boring. Therefore, if you’re looking for an assisted living community for your loved one, don’t hesitate to contact us at DeSoto Palms Assisted Living Community.