Per the National Center for Assisted Living, there are now over 835,000 U.S. residents staying in assisted living communities. Those numbers are only expected to grow. Are you searching for the right assisted living facility for a loved one? It stands to reason you want them to be in a situation where they are well cared for, happy, and safe.

Finding assisted living is a very big decision. It requires doing a lot of research. Don’t wait until you have a loved one facing a health crisis and requiring urgent care. The process does not have to be overwhelming. Yes, there are many choices associated with various assisted living services including cost and budget considerations. Follow this assisted living facility guide with helpful tips to find a match.

Tip 1 – Research, Research, Research

The best way to find a great assisted living facility is to research. You can start your efforts online to find facilities near you or your family member. Just keep a few things in mind to assist in narrowing down all of the options.

Is the facility located near their doctor’s offices, shops, a pharmacy, as well as other important areas? Is it going to be convenient for you to visit the facility location? If the facility is not close to where you live, are there any hotels close by for visits? Is the neighborhood safe? What are others sharing about the provider?

Phone Research Is Useful Too

Phone research is a great way to connect with an assisted living facility. Before you launch into research, ask if the provider has room for new residents. If they don’t, inquire about waiting lists. Don’t let a full waiting list discourage you. Many families tend to be put on waiting lists for several facilities. The list is more than likely shorter due to this. So, put your loved one’s name on the list if you love the facility.

Tip 2 – Tours Help Choose the Best Facility

There is no specific standard for the services offered in assisted living facilities. Having a guide will assist you in narrowing down facility choices. There is no substitute for visiting a facility in person. Make a plan to tour your top choice.

What You Need to Know About Tours

Experts have stated that it is imperative to listen to your gut instincts when choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one. There are beautiful facilities that may have rather large advertising budgets that make them seem appealing when they are actually a dreary, cold place. Several visits will help you establish whether the community is right for your family member.

Know How to Tour

You may want to visit an assisted living facility without your loved one at first. This will help you determine which tours are worthwhile when it comes to including them. If you do not want to go alone, ask a family member or friend to take a tour with you. Create a checklist of questions and circle or underline what you care about the most. There are so many facilities, how do you know which to tour?

Narrow Down Your Top Choice for Assisted Living Facilities Sarasota, FL

  • Be Realistic About Your Loved Ones Needs
  • Develop an Outline for a Senior Living Budget
  • Talk to Residents and Staff
  • Schedule Visits Outside of Standard Touring Hours
  • Ask for a Copy of the Facility’s Contract

Tip 3 – Review Contracts Carefully

Once you have a copy of a facility’s contract, review it carefully before signing. You need to fully understand the base rate, expected rate increases over time, and the fine print. This includes understanding services in the cost and which will cost extra. Ask family to read over contracts with you if you are unsure of the wording. Using this information, you will be able to select the best facility for your loved one.