assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities provide different tiers of care that can help seniors have the support they need while maintaining their independence. About 70% of seniors turning sixty-five will need some sort of support over their lifetime, after all. Before you make any decisions, whether for yourself or your loved one, you should tour the facility that you are considering. These tips can help you make the most of the tour.

Ask a Lot of Questions

You want to ask all of your questions, and you want to talk to people that work at the facility besides the person assigned to give you the tour. Caregivers are a great resource for information. Stop and talk to people that you see working at the facility. Going off-script by talking to the people that work in the facility and that are not necessarily charged with giving you the tour can provide a wealth of information.

Talk To Residents

While you are touring around, talk to the residents to get an insider’s take on what it is like living in assisted living facilities. Most residents will be honest and upfront about what they love and about what they think needs improving. If you’re nervous about talking with residents, ask the staff if you can set up a few individual meetings with residents to talk about their experiences in the facility.

Arrive To the Tour Earlier Than Expected

Get to your meeting early. Even fifteen minutes early will give you the chance to do a little touring on your own. Visit the visitor’s bathrooms to check for cleanliness. A visitor’s bathroom can reveal a lot about the facility’s upkeep. Arriving early will also give you an opportunity to mingle a bit with residents before the tour starts.

Ask for a Fee Breakdown

Senior living facilities typically offer a wide range of activity options, but there may be additional fees for outings, classes, and access to certain areas of the facility. Ask for a fee breakdown so you know exactly what your financial obligations will be.

When you’re touring assisted living facilities, ensure you collect enough information to make an informed decision. Assisted living is a great senior living option, touring the facilities is a must to ensure you make the right choice for yourself or your loved one.